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Gate Installation

In the Houston area Advanced Gate Repair is considered by many as the number one choice for gate installation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require the installation of a gate.

Do you want to replace your old gate with a new one? Don’t be concerned. We are the best company for gate installation, and we do it with complete attention to the customer’s interests, built with the highest quality materials, and no delay.

You will have a gate installed promptly to exacting standards of the best quality. For quite some time Houston area residents have relied on us for gate repairs, maintenance, and installation.

Exceptional Gate Installation

Advanced Gate Repair always gives our clients the best service of any gate installation company. From start to finish we offer our clients guidance from the design phase to the time of install and any support needed after the job is completed. We install all kinds of gates such as commercial gates, residential gates, electric gates, pedestrian gates, security gates, and breezeway gates. We can install your gates with automation, or they can be manually operated as well. 

  • Security Gates: Advanced Gate Repair installs security gates for residential and commercial clients alike. We offer many different solutions to provide a secure gate entryway. We can install keypad access, proximity card readers to allow for authorized visitors. Security gates are used in so many different applications. Give us a call to discuss your property needs and how we can craft a solution for you.
  • Pedestrian Gates: Pedestrian gates are commonly used at apartments, commercial properties and residential as well. Pedestrian gates can come equipped with many different access options. Do you prefer to have a double dead bolt setup for your home? Do you prefer a maglock and a proximity card reader for access to your business or apartment complex? As you see access comes in many forms and functions. What about the design of your gate? Do you prefer to have a particular design? Allow the experts at Advanced Gate Repair plan your pedestrian gate.
  • Electric Driveway Gates: The team at Advanced Gate Repair will install your driveway gate quickly and efficiently. We offer unlimited design choices to the standards you expect. The difference that sets us apart from other gate installation companies is our dedication to the highest quality and exacting standards. Do you prefer a slide gate or a swing gate for your driveway? Give us a call to figure out what the best option will be for you.

We provide the best installation of any electric gate installation company without exception. We custom build gates that are tailored to your specific requirements. Our goal is to make sure you obtain the correct gate type and size, the right material and design for your needs, and a product with features that will make your life simpler. Not only do we provide alternatives for all budgets, but we have the best qualified metal fabricators and gate installers in the market hands down. Choose Advanced Gate Repair for your gate install now.

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